Traveling abroad for the holidays? The beautiful Island of Madeira-Portugal


he beautiful Island of Madeira-Portugal

Madeira in Portuguese: Madeira is an archipelago of Portugal made up of the island of the same name and several other small islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, off Morocco. It constitutes an autonomous region under the name of autonomous region of Madeira (in Portuguese: Região Autónoma da Madeira) of which Funchal is the capital. Madeira Island, which constitutes 90% of the archipelago's land, is of volcanic origin and has an eroded profile. Its subtropical climate and its unique landscapes make it a popular tourist destination. Madeira is attached to the European Union by its status as an "autonomous region".

Porto Santo is the second inhabited island

Porto Santo is the second inhabited island in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean, fifty kilometers northeast of the main island. It constitutes a municipality of Portugal. Porto Santo is also nicknamed "The Golden Island" in Portuguese: Ilha Dourada because of the desert color of its landscapes and its long golden sandy beach.

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